HAL Property, who are they?

Malcolm RidleyThe driving force behind the business is Malcolm Ridley who has a wealth of experience in Project Management and Commercial Management in the corporate world.

Malcolm, and his son Andrew, bought a property in London at Auction then extended and developed it to a high standard and resold it in 2013 with a return on investment of over 50% which provided a wealth of experience and a platform for further growth.

Thereafter, Malcolm invested in his education with an excellent Property Investment Training provider to secure the knowledge and tools to become a professional property investor.

Since returning to his birthplace in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 2014, Malcolm has made use of his learning and proactively established an extensive network of contacts and built a business that rents out good quality family homes in the North East of England.

Malcolm chose Bindar Dosanjh to be his property mentor. Bindar provided Malcolm with an initial ‘kick start’ to launch his new career in the autumn of 2015. Thereafter, an ample portfolio of rental properties was swiftly acquired (the first 12 properties were all bought within 12 months). These now provide Malcolm with his financial freedom and add to his experience enabling him to support others on their property investment journey.

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Our Recent Projects

Disposal of farmland
We recently advised a client with two acres of farmland to dispose of. We evaluated the opportunity and set out several options in a report that identified the impact to the client in each scenario. This involved speaking to two architects, two solicitors, an accountant and a commercial banker from the network of key contacts we deal with. We established how best to realise the full potential and are now actively introducing potential buyers to this ‘off-market’ opportunity with Planning Permission to build executive homes.

Property auctions
We purchase some deals through auctions and on one occasion bought a property in a good area that had been viewed and evaluated beforehand but could not attend on the day so we found a way of buying it without actually being present at the auction.

Sourcing deals to investors
We evaluated an ‘off-market’ property that was to be sold and learned of another property that a family member needed to dispose of more urgently and we were given the opportunity to offer this opportunity to a network of property investors at a greatly discounted price.

Assisting a disposal led to off-market opportunities
We learned of a vacant rental property in urgent need of disposal that was potentially in negative equity and draining the bank balance of the vendor. The vendor’s objective was to eliminate the debt and sell the property as soon as possible. We managed to find a buyer prepared to pay the asking price and help the vendor. This assistance opened the doors to other opportunities from other family members who need to dispose of properties and we were able to acquire them for our own portfolio before any Estate Agents got involved.